Ridge Cap Re-pointing

Vale Roofing is expert in ridge cap repointing, completing an excellent watertight result that looks great.

The ridge cap is the line if tiles that sit at the peaks of your tiled roof. The pointing is the concrete mortar that holds thee tiles into place. As a roof gets older the pointing becomes weathered and can start to seperate from the tiles themselves, allowing a gap where rain and the elements can enter into your roof cavity causing endelss problems.

If you suspect the ridge caps on your home are not properly in place or the mortar is coming lose it is very important to get this repaired or replaced as soon as possible. If you leave it you may get water damage into the roof cavity - where there is usually electrical connections. You may also start to get water in to your walls and down into the house itself.

Repointing is a very specialised job. If it is not done correctly, by an inexperienced or untrained person, the resulting job may be worse then the original problem. Leaks and a degraded roof will likely follow. By getting a professional such as Vale Roofing to repoint your ridge caps you will have peace-of-mind that the job is done well and profssionally, backed by a ß of workmanship.

If you would like a quote, or to discuss the options for your re-pointing please do not hesitate to contact us using the email form below or call directly on 0431-214-613.

Examples of our work:

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Ridge Cap repointing Ridge Cap repointing

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